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  1. 5

    POSTER I: First message

    The first step on your journey...

    Make your first post on the forums.

  2. 5

    LIKED I: Mystery man

    You've gained your first like, but you are still a bit of a mystery man.

    Get a like on the forums.

  3. 5

    FIRM GROUND I: Discord

    Link your Discord and forum accounts.

  4. 5

    FIRM GROUND II: Avatar

    Upload an avatar to your account. Make it yours!

  5. 5


    Enable two step verification on your account.

  6. 20

    LIKED II: Hey, you're alright

    Based on your likes, you're probably alright!

    Reach fifteen likes on the forums.

  7. 20

    POSTER II: Established poster

    You're starting to become a regular poster. Your fame amongst the realms is growing.

    Reach twenty five posts on the forums.

  8. 50

    LIKED III: Fame of a knight

    Wow, you must be pretty awesome indeed.

    Reach forty likes on the forums.

  9. 50

    POSTER III: Frequent poster

    You've become a rather frequent poster. Most people know of you, but, as you are sure to know, their respect for you is based on the quality of your posts.

    Reach one hundred posts on the forums.

  10. 100

    LIKED IV: Power and influence

    You've clearly got great power and influence.

    Reach one hundred and twenty five likes on the forums.

  11. 100

    POSTER IV: Forum hero

    At this stage, you are a forum hero. With two hundred and fifty messages, people consider you forum elite.

    Reach two hundred and fifty posts on the forums.

  12. 175

    LIKED V: Holy man

    You must be some sort of God to be this likeable.

    Reach three hundred likes on the forums.

  13. 175

    POSTER V: Stuff of legends

    You've made so many posts on the forums that it is a thing of legend. Congrats!

    Reach seven hundred posts on the forums.