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  1. Luke

    An Early Welcome!

    Since we are starting to get a few players joining us, I'll write this to inform you if you are here, and to inform those who join in the future. First, I just want to say that it's wonderful to have you here. From the idea being a vision in my head, to working with the great staff team to...
  2. Luke

    Official Settlements Guide

    Preface ArchaicRealms uses WorldGuard regions for land-claiming. You can read more about this on our plugin guide, but in short, the plugin is very powerful, flexible, and ultimately robust, which makes working it into a roleplay-driven settlement system much nicer for everyone. Settlements...
  3. Luke

    Official [PLUGIN] Donation Perks (Decorative Heads, Backpacks)

  4. Luke

    Official Character Application and Roleplay Guide

  5. Luke

    Official The Ultimate Player Guide

  6. Luke

    Official [PLUGIN] Enchanting Guide

  7. Luke

    Official [PLUGIN] WorldGuard Usage Guide

  8. Luke

    Official [PLUGIN] Game Mechanics Guide

  9. Luke

    Official [PLUGIN] Potions/Brewing Guide

  10. Luke

    Official Server Lore

    Preface Welcome to ArchaicRealms, and for this document, we hope to explain to you how the lore of the server works. In order to ground roleplay in a setting, some sort of information about our world is needed so that you can base your characters and settlements, and consequently, roleplays, on...
  11. Luke

    Official Discipline Guide

    Preface On ArchaicRealms, we have a complex and delicate set of rules, so we need to be careful with how we enforce rules. Of course, staff discretion will always remain with the highest member of staff, and we realise the reality that mistakes might be made. However, to minimise this risk, and...
  12. Luke

    War Declaration | Info & Format

    Information All war rules must be followed. War specifics will be decided on a case by case basis by non-participating staff members. Format Find the application below, copy and paste it into your own thread. Nation declaring war: Nation being declared war on: Casus belli: Winning terms:
  13. Luke

    Staff Report | Info & Format

    Information Before making a staff report, please understand that we expect strong evidence to be available. If there is no evidence available, please talk to an upper member of staff who is not involved in the situation to resolve it. Inciting or participating in witch hunting staff members will...
  14. Luke

    Player Report | Info & Format

    Information Please do your part and report rule-breakers properly by using the correct procedure using the format and making your own thread on the forums. Format Find the format below, copy and paste it into your own thread. In-game name of reported player: Rule(s) broken: Explanation...
  15. Luke

    Disciplinary Appeal | Info & Format

    Information Please understand that in order to appeal disciplinary action, it must be (1) logged on the forums, and (2) stated as available for appeal in the log. Format Find the format below, copy and paste it into your own thread. Your in-game name: Link to log: Rule(s) broken: Why you...
  16. Luke

    Disciplinary Log | Info & Format

    Information Disciplinary logs are only for situations where the discipline being issued is some sort of ban. Format Find the format below, copy and paste it into your own thread. In-game name of player receiving disciplinary action: Rule(s) broken: Explanation: Evidence: Punishment: Chance...
  17. Luke

    Staff Application | Info & Format

    Information We really appreciate your interest in becoming staff on ArchaicRealms. But before you do so, please understand what becoming staff means; it is a tiresome job where you are often criticised, regardless of how good you are or how hard you work. By applying, please understand that you...
  18. Luke

    Settlement Application | Info & Format

    Information Howdy! It's great to see that you are interested in making your own nation on ArchaicRealms! However, there are a few things to understand before you jump into an application. Firstly, you need to understand that nation aren't meant to be a one-man thing. Whilst we don't expect...
  19. Luke

    Character Application | Info & Format

    Information I'm glad to see that you're interested in creating a character, and engaging with the server's great roleplay opportunities. We ask people to apply for characters in order to moderate and ensure a high standard of characters and roleplay on our server. Format Find the application...
  20. Luke

    A boring profile post from a boring person. :)

    A boring profile post from a boring person. :)