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Official Server Lore


Oct 17, 2019
Welcome to ArchaicRealms, and for this document, we hope to explain to you how the lore of the server works. In order to ground roleplay in a setting, some sort of information about our world is needed so that you can base your characters and settlements, and consequently, roleplays, on that information. In order to get a view of our world map, you can click the dynmap link on the top navigation bar.

When creating ArchaicRealms, we set out with a vision for players to have control. We want the server to be a cooperative experience, where every action taken by you matters, and influences the world and shapes its narrative.

The world
Sorantos is the name given to the playable world by its inhabitants. Certain characters or settlements may choose to call it by another name if they wish, but this is its common name. Sorantos had seen the evolution of humans into diverse communities and semi-advanced civilisations, but a catastrophic disaster had brought around the destruction of civilization, commonly named the chaos. The number that survived was few, and they began to rebuild, and create a new era of life on the Archaic Realms of Sorantos.

It is now ten years since this event, which is commonly marked or described as 10AC (10 years After Chaos). Settlers have began to arrive on the shores of the islands and have begun making settlements, bringing with them unique cultures, unknown to the natives of the lands. Little contact has yet been made between the native peoples and settlers, but with time they are sure to interact. Only time will tell whether this will bring about war or friendship.

Lore guidelines
When interacting with our server's lore, we really do believe in you to shape the server, however, it would be ridiculous to not include some guidelines to help you. We expect lore to consider the following requirements:
  • Low fantasy (this means human race only (no elves, dwarves, orcs, etc.), and no magic besides Minecraft-mechanics, e.g. enchanting and potions).
  • Similar technological level as 1000s-1400s medieval Europe (e.g. no guns).
  • Medieval atmosphere - we expect lore to comply with the general atmosphere. E.g. modern language should not be used (such as "yeet" or "dab").