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Official Settlements Guide

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Oct 17, 2019
ArchaicRealms uses WorldGuard regions for land-claiming. You can read more about this on our plugin guide, but in short, the plugin is very powerful, flexible, and ultimately robust, which makes working it into a roleplay-driven settlement system much nicer for everyone.

Settlements are the term for a region of land claimed with WorldGuard as the result of a settlement application. A person can only own one settlement at a time, and this settlement should be all-including. (You can't separate your claims into two regions, i.e. a castle 500 blocks away from a town).

A settlement is a cubic region. This means it has an X and a Z coordinate, and the Y stretches the the entire region vertically from bedrock to sky limit. The X and Z can be 100 blocks away from its settlement pillar (one set of XYZ coordinates) for free. You can then ask a staff member to expand this region for a price of [PRICE] per block. As an example, this would mean that the cost of an additional 20x20 region being attached would be [PRICE * (20^2)].

Settlement applications
In order to apply for a settlement, you should navigate to our applications page. Once there, you should be able to fill out the application. Before applying, it is important to read the information provided in the application forum itself.
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