MC-GOT is a Game of Thrones roleplay server, using a wide variety of unique plugins and systems. We follow a deep and expanding storyline set in the Riverlands in 281 AC, just before Robert's Rebellion, with lore that is guided and changed by player’s decisions on the server every day. Inspired by our playerbase, our aim is to make a fun, friendly, and interesting environment where players of all ages can work together in immersive roleplay. And with our innovative and expansive custom plugins, realistic builds, and experienced staff team we know that we can make MC-GOT a thriving community for everyone to enjoy. So please, join us today for a roleplay experience you will never forget!


Our server uses the beautifully crafted world of G.R.R.M's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' book series set in the Riverlands starting in 281 AC, in the period before Robert's Rebellion. Our world enables all types of characters and roleplay to truly flourish. The depth of the MC-GOT world is virtually unlimited. Our world is shaped by players, where everyone's actions can have an impact. Reading lore has never been easier either, thanks to our on-website Wiki!


Our server has uses the unique and realistic MessyMedieval style. Our goal is to build each structure on our server with realism in mind, and to make every individual house, tavern, and fort a work of art!


Our combat system is an adapted version of D&D suited for Minecraft. Read all about our unique combat system on our wiki!


Thanks to our dynamic economy plugin, the economy is entirely driven by player activity! The more in demand something is, the higher the prices rise, and conversely. Players can also create their own shops. Additionally, banks can be used to store your money safely, and a GUI-based wallet where you can access your money with ease!


Our events incorporate a balanced, interesting and most importantly enjoyable roll-based combat system which allows for roleplay and rollplay. Events further or open a roleplay narrative and enable colourful character progression.


The stats, equipment and story-arc of a character all develop around the lore, and the lore develops around the development of characters. Your choices really do impact the server.


And finally, we are proud to have a tight-knit community which is warm to everyone regardless of differences. Discord is used and highly customised with bots for players! [e.g. music bots, help bots, giveaway/raffle bots]


If you are enticed by the server we offer, please feel free to join our forums to connect with us! We can't wait to meet you!