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Lewys Rivers

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Name: Lewys Rivers
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Culture: Riverlander
Place of Birth: The Riverlands
Titles: Lewys holds many titles, some greatly embellished, some slightly embellished, most given, some taken.
Profession: Second in command of a mercenary/outlaw band
Religion: Faith of the Seven (Not devout)
Lewys has shoulder length black hair that he ties up behind his head using the long bits by his ears. He has blue eyes and an imposing frame, his beard is unkept below his cheeks and he has a small patch of dry skin on his left cheek from shaving his cheek/cheekbones using a Seax he keeps on his belt. His beard is starting to show some grey hairs even at his young age, although it is noticed only by himself and the women he beds. He has a recognisable roman-looking nose that gets noticeably redder in colder weather.
He wears plated leather armour above a lighter coloured tunic which he layers underneath a large cloak.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Lewys is, a hard-drinking, womanizing, wry, cunning, yet still reasonably likeable mercenary. A man of one mind, he has many stories to tell, and he always embellishes the ones that he looks less favourable in.
Likes: Alcohol, Women, Sweet things, Eating, Riddles, Whittling, Telling stories, Good wine
Dislikes: Inactivity, Cooking, Repetition, Routine
Character Strengths: Seducer, Attractive, Brawny
Character Weaknesses/Flaws: Pragmatist, Berserker, Hedonist, In hiding
Interesting Facts/Quirks: Extremely muscular, stubborn, writes with his left hand but does everything else with his right, illegible handwriting, embellishes stories about himself
Hobbies: Whittling, Whoring, Wagering and Wooing
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Skills: Whittling, Horse riding
Lewys owns a Swordstaff that he uses as a walking stick, to achieve this he has a leather sock that he places around the blade. He has a round shield that he only uses in combat with multiple people, he likes to bang his swordstaff against his shield to psyche opponents out. He has a small Seax tucked into his belt that he uses for cutting food and eating off, as well as stabbing whilst tumbling about on the floor. nobody knows where he acquired this knife as he’s been very quiet about the story to it, when he has mentioned it to people the details seem to change, and nobody can corroborate the story behind it.
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Lewys was born in the Riverlands in 258AC. He is the bastard son of a landed knight who liked to grow wine as his hobby outside of fighting. During Lewys’ childhood his father was very cold, they spoke minimal words to one another. He and his father barely dined together and his father seemed very neglecting of Lewys. His mother on the other hand or should I say his ‘adoptive’ mother was much kinder in comparison to his father, Often speaking to Lewys or his father for him. Lewys knew that his ‘mother’ was kind at heart and she would be the main parental role in his life, due to Lewys’ father basically being none existent in his life. One day his mother would order her brother, Lewys’ travelling-merchant uncle; to come to their keep infrequently in order to teach him how to read and write, give him lessons in arithmetics and teach him martial combat.

At the age of 8 most children were sent away to squire for another lord or knight. But, due to him being a bastard child Lewys was not sent to do either, as fathering a bastard was a shame to his father and his father could not deal with his actions. Of course, he’d never be able to kill Lewys, being a kinslayer was a stain much greater than fathering a bastard. Instead Lewys was sent off to join his merchant uncle who he had spent more time and bonded with.

Soon after arriving to his uncle's’ retinue he was put to work with counting coin, cleaning piss pots and cooking. It was a small price to pay for Lewys’ human interactions and so Lewys was happy to continue there, never complaining to his uncle about it. Lewys would eventually learn that the company he was apart of were mostly allowed to skirt around the towns and settlements throughout the Reach with the company acting as a sort of informal sheriff figure who would sort disputes for coin and petty squabbles. They acted as bailiffs as well as returned stolen property using intimidation and occasionally though not infrequently violence to solve these issues. During the time and the jobs this was mostly left unchecked and this meant that business was good for the company and for Lewys.

The company had no issues with their jobs and completing them until one day, whilst tracking down a man who had committed the serious crime of raping a noble’s respected and known daughter. They would set out and after navigating the roads and paths that the man could have took, they tracked him down. With no mercy to the scum, due to the crime he had committed, they set themselves upon the rapist, beating the man after which Lewys would leave to collect the money,

3 days would pass and they would go to collect the second half of their payment that they had been promised. However, the payment was turned down do to the actions of a few more members of the company who had stayed and beaten him further, the man managed to return to the village but died shortly after and the locals did not like that. So, the village guards, who had mostly remained inactive and ignoring the company would take up arms against the company, using the rest of the payment they withheld to hire hedge knights to hunt them down.

With this Lewys and the company would set off, traveling for weeks across the Reach. Darting back and forth between the odd jobs. The company were unable to sleep comfortably due to constantly encountering small bands of knights and brigands. Eventually it was realised that men of the company were dropping like flies, one the first week, none the second, two the third, and so on and so forth until there was a large impact on the company’s numbers. Until one day they decided enough was enough and they settled down in a field where they could face their hunters. Only 15 men remained against 9 Hedge Knights. The battle broke out, the company stood bravely but ultimately bravery would not do them the wonders they were hoping for and 8 of the men fell leaving only a handful left. After going into hiding after the battle in the Reach they move east to the Crownlands where Lewys would meet a woman that he took a fancy to and eventually he would end up impregnating the woman and realise that he was creating his own bastard child. Now with this new found family he settled the woman whom he was having a bastard child with, down in a cottage that he bought out in the Crownlands with the money he had saved from the jobs and work he had been doing with his Uncle’s company. Eventually with no source of income Lewys was forced to find a means of income and he eventually turns to ‘banditing’ in the Crownlands for a few months as his lover was late into the pregnancy (men didn’t tend to stick around to births then). Lewys would return to find the cottage empty with a handwritten note from a midwife stating that during his absence his lover had died and that the child he was supposed to have was stillborn. With nothing left in the Crownlands Lewys would track down and return to the company.

He has been travelling with the company for about 6 years now with his uncle now an even older man who has eased off the lifestyle that he had lived for so long. Lewys was given a place as a man who could command some of the company but ultimately his uncle still has more say in the running of the company and the command of the men. Over time they’ve started to rebuild numbers, very slowly, but deep down Lewys is depressed from the loss of his lover and child that he could have had but ultimately masks that through his façade of ‘the charismatic mercenary leader’. Not only that but Lewys drinks and whores to further tune out his sadness that dwells within him, acting like a typical mercenary as to not show any sadness at all.
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